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The Blockchain Debate Podcast

Richard Yan

It seems that the future of blockchain industry can go down very different paths, and each path has its group of hard core believers. They can’t all be right. Perhaps by hearing the experts debate, the rest of us can compare their reasoning and see the future a bit more clearly. Whether you’re a builder or investor, whether you consider yourself blockchain-savvy or blockchain-curious, if you want to hear all arguments before predicting the future of blockchain, this podcast is for you. Follow our twitter at @blockdebate. Host: Richard Yan (@gentso09). See you soon! Consensus optional, proof of thought required.
Motion: Bitcoin mining is good for the grid (Lee Bratcher vs. Ben Hertz-Shargel)May 12, 2022 Episode artwork Motion: We should always reduce MEV on blockchains (Ed Felten vs. Tushar Jain)May 06, 2022 Episode artwork Motion: Web3 is worse than Web2 (Liron Shapira vs. Kyle Samani)December 24, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: The industry is growing out of the Fat Protocol Thesis (Jeff Dorman vs. Joel Monegro)December 10, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: DAOs are better than corporations (Kain Warwick vs. Edmund Schuster)October 13, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Toxic maximalism is great for Bitcoin (Giacomo Zucco vs. Paul Sztorc)August 12, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: It's a bad idea to make Bitcoin compulsory tender (George Selgin vs. Yves Bennaïm)August 06, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Algo and fractional stablecoins are flawed (Bennett Tomlin vs. Sam Kazemian)July 27, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Security is about maximizing the minimum set of colluding miners (Anatoly Yakovenko vs. Dankrad Feist)July 12, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: The US urgently needs to catch up on Central Bank Digital Currency (Robert Hockett vs. Lawrence White)June 18, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Trustless smart contracts for Bitcoin is impossible without forking (Ruben Somsen vs. Muneeb Ali)May 28, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: NFTs are dumb (Edmund Schuster vs. Andrew Steinwold, co-host: Maria Shen)March 25, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Ethereum is too early for institutional money (Lyn Alden vs. Qiao Wang)February 24, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Diem is a glorified Paypal (David Gerard vs. Bryce Weiner)January 26, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Tether has always been acting in bad faith (Bennett Tomlin vs. Larry Cermak, co-host: Patrick McKenzie)January 12, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Bitcoin is a scam (Jorge Stolfi vs. Lyn Alden)January 01, 2021 Episode artwork Motion: Legally speaking, tokens are more like commodities than like securities (Lewis Cohen vs. Gabriel Shapiro)December 24, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Today’s blockchains can’t increase TPS without taking a hit on decentralization, II (Evan Shapiro vs. Anatoly Yakovenko)December 24, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Tether will likely get crushed by authorities in the next two years, thanks to its shady practices and defiance against regulators (CasPiancey vs. Matthew Graham)December 03, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: ZK rollup has a better set of security/scalability tradeoff than optimistic rollup (Alex Gluchowski vs. John Adler, co-host: James Prestwich)November 04, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Yield Farming is an innovation (Haseeb Qureshi vs. Meltem Demirors, co-host: Tarun Chitra)September 18, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Blockchain analysis companies are bad for bitcoin (Alex Gladstein vs. Dave Jevans)August 28, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Today's blockchains can't increase TPS without taking a hit on decentralization (Emre Tekişalp vs. Anatoly Yakovenko, cohost: Uri Klarman)August 10, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Scalability is impossible without sharding and layer-2 solutions (Georgios Konstantopoulos vs. Anatoly Yakovenko, cohost: Tarun Chitra)July 20, 2020 Episode artwork Motion: Nation-state attack on Bitcoin is an unresolved ticking time-bomb (Mike Kelly vs. Hasu)June 29, 2020 Episode artwork